☕ Sunday Post #1☕

Well i am hoping to be doing Sunday Posts more then once a month! This is will explore how my time is and kinda get to know me a little more.

I have gotten this idea from PaperLuster

So this week has gone by so fast but most time that is the usual, i do not run an exciting life even with four children at that one. So far my week consisted of getting kids ready for school and me cleaning, reading and updating my blog.

Only exciting thing happened was my doctors appointment ha! or maybe it was just enjoying the time i spend with my family everyday.

Either way my life consist of children, reading and cleaning so boring right! Just kidding it is all fun and games especially when each day is not the same.

Next week is EASTER shopping which should be fun to do, as well as my cat Stampy’s vet visit. So that tells me i got a lot of reading to do.

Currently Reading:


Right now i am 22% in and so far not as interested as i thought i would be!😒

Any who until next week hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.




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