☕ Sunday Post #2 ☕

Welcome Back!!! I’m back again with a post to explain a again!.

First off i would like to say


Image result for easter gifs

Well well this last week has been a blur, but i finished my first book for April which was a good thing and now onto the next. Actually posted my first review for a book on my blog which you can find here ➳ ➵ ➸Sisterhood #2.

I got my cat Stampy into the vet to make sure he was feeling better ( which he is ), then the same day got books in the mail.

Had a fun day with my children outside all day Friday which was a very sunny day, i even got a burn on my back from it 😩 but they had a blast.

So today is Easter Sunday which means the Easter bunny has come for my children (wow that kinda sounds wrong) but you all know what i mean. So lucky mommy here gets to help the Easter Bunny by setting out eggs in our house!


Image result for easter gifs

But for now my week ahead is more reading, cleaning and appointments on the go!

Have a wonderful week and have a good Sunday.

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