MaD LiBs SpEcIaL

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So my oldest son, did some Mad Libs this morning with me and i wanted to share to everyone!

When i woke up this morning, i was feeling Smelly.

I headed to the bathroom and put Husband on my toothbrush, and

it tasted just like Grumpy Squid! When i went to the wardrobe,

I pulled out my Knee-pads and my Flipflops, and

when i looked in the mirror, i looked just like Channing Tatum! I walked

to the kitchen, and my brother looked up from his breakfast of Strawberry

and Smoothie and said ” Wow! you look really Frisky!”

I sat down and poured a bowl of Cinnamon bun chips, added some

Mustard, and ate it as Loudly as i could.

I jumped up and Danced to grab my book-bag, because

i didn’t want to be late for the Tractor to school.

My mum said, ” Why are you rushing? it”s Saturday!’ Boy, did i feel Naked! what a Slimy morning!

Image result for mad libs thanks gifsHope you have enjoyed as much as i did!




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