Top Ten Bookish Reasons to Read a Book

Today’s blog theme is Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book. Check out The Broke and the Bookish as there are new themes each week.


First off i think this one is everyone’s!

  • Covers – i love the covers and am not ashamed that is mostly why i get the books.
  • Recommendations – They way i go for them is booktubers, i have to say i love seeing them get excited about the books and then it gets me excited to want to buy that said book and read it right away ( the wrath and the dawn ) not saying i do that hmm…
  • Plots and twists or good storytelling – Always have to have a good way to tell the story if not it would be a dud and no one would want to read or keep reading it.
  • Good Characters –  Always need a good character to read about, one that you would like as a friend, fantasize as a partner or just in bed HA! or one that represents yourself.
  • Retellings – No matter what a good retelling of a fairy-tale or an older story is always a good place to go specially when you have children that want a fairy-tale and you have a retelling on your TBR.
  • Not too many big words – I am a person that has a hard time reading things sometimes, i try to find books that i can read and enjoy them.
  • Less than 500 pages – I love books but huge books i could take over a year to read and i probably will forget them or they wont interest me and then i wonder why i bought the book anyways.
  • Quality – When i buy books its usually by Bookoutlet so most are used. I prefer one that is not ripped, dented or gross to look at.
  • Past, Present, Future – Any story can have wolves and vamps but a good one has to do with the acts on how life has changed and how it will be different in the future. I love how the olden days where they dressed fantasy all the time, how they talked and how passionate mind the killings they did. Present isn’t bad but its not great either minding yoga pants are very comfy lol. Future is a mystery but that is what i like about it!
  • Something to brag about – I love when you read a story and have to tell the first person you talk to ( sorry hubby ) the excitement you get while talking about it means it was a good book and maybe just maybe that person might pick that book up and read it as well.

Well this was a hard one to write lol but i had fun doing so!




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