📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭 #1

Welcome to my first post of Bookish Thoughts a time of the week we will chat about bookish and non bookish things i have on my mind. I found this post on Bookishly Boisterous.

So welcome to my thoughts and hope you don’t get to scared!!!!! joking i’m not that scary maybe just a bit insane or even crazy. ( but you can blame my husband and kids for that )

Let’s begin shall we!

  1. First off i am excited i am half way done The Wrath & The Dawn, its getting exciting! plus i think i am down 2 books this month and month is not over yet.Image result for excited almost done book gif
  2. My life is boring…. nah joking maybe, i need to catch up on OUTLANDER as season 3 is coming out and i have yet to make it to season 2 lol.Image result for outlander gif
  3. My anxiety has been sky high for no apparent reason and all i wanna do right now is stay home and read!Image result for staying in and reading gif
  4. I read so much one week i lost track of life! lol True Story.
  5. I wanna buy more books on bookoutlet but am staying away from it as i want to order owlcrate for my first time.Image result for buying more books gif
  6. My daughter got her Owlcratejr. today and i am dying to find out what is in hers lol.
  7. Fact: I can’t stop wanting more books!Image result for more books gif
  8. Hoping i can finish the book i am reading now and start reading Everything, Everything before the end of the month.
  9. In 2 weeks i have to get the hubby’s birthday party ready ( feel like it will be a drag but hoping it will be great ) Go 30’s LOLImage result for 30th birthday gif
  10. I say that Sarah J Maas is one of my favorite authors yet i have not read any of her stuff lol.
  11. Last one for today! I AM IN LOVE WITH BOOKS MORE THEN MY HUSBAND!!!!! JOKING…. BUT AM I?Image result for in love with books gif

Thanks for reading my blog post! Have a wonderful day.




2 thoughts on “📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭 #1

  1. nice thought 🙂 OMG you need to read sara jmass’s books right away she is one of my fav i love her so much, i’m glad you are enjoying the wrath and the dawn i loved it as well khalid and shazi are so cute and everything everything is really good i hope you enjoy it as well and happy birthday to your hubby ohh finally i feel you i keep dreaming of books more often


    • Thanks, OH i know i have heard good things about her books. So far i got to a point i wanted to read more but it was a long chapter and new i wasn’t going to finish before passing out. Awe thank you, he says he is turning 03 not 30 lol. Since i have started my new hobby in reading, collecting books and blogging that is frankly all i think about well and my kids lol.


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