🔟 Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book 🔟



Today’s blog theme is Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book. Check out The Broke and the Bookish as there are new themes each week.

  • Thrillers – Don’t get me wrong i do love a good fighting, blood scene but if its something that will give me nightmares ( still kid at heart ) then i will not read it. A.K.A IT – Stephen King Not saying i am scare of clowns, but damn i could not read this!Image result for it book cover


  • Unlikable Characters – Usually when i read a book, i imagine them to be like me or someone i have met. If i can not relate to a character then i can not feel for the book and stop reading it ( unless the plot is good and the character i don’t like gets killed off ) LOL. Image result for unlikable character gifs


  • True Stories ( usually ending in death ) – I have a hard time dealing with the issues of real life stories to read or even watch.Image result for 13 reasons why gif


  • A Book that has too many people talking – I would get so messed up on who is who and what they are all talking about or what part would match who!Image result for everyone talking at once gif
  • Weird or ugly covers – I have an issue with the first time seeing things just like if you are out on a date or see a guy for the first time its like love at first sight well it goes well with books too!


  • Books with lots of pages – Too many pages or long ass chapters always turn me off.Image result for long chapter books gif
  • Zombies – I love a book with vamps, wolfs and other things but i can not stand one with Zombies!Related image

  • Unnecessary Drama – It’s funny but stupid at the same time!Image result for jane the virgin santos  gif


  • Predictable Plots – I hate when your read or watch something and you automatically know what is going to happen in the end! Related image

Well this one was a hard one, sorta as i do love a lot of things lol

What are your book turnoffs?




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