📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭 #2

Welcome to Bookish Thoughts a time of the week we will chat about bookish and non bookish things i have on my mind. I found this post on Bookishly Boisterous.

So welcome to my thoughts and hope you don’t get to scared!!!!! joking i’m not that scary maybe just a bit insane or even crazy. ( but you can blame my husband and kids for that )

Let’s begin shall we!

  • Made my husband happy, which to this is very surprising as he doesn’t care much what i read but he bought me 4 Pretty Little Liars books and i finally am getting to read them.Image result for pretty little liars gifs


  • Busy week it has been for this family of mine, Appointments, vet visit, house showings and birthday shopping plus birthday party for my main squeeze. Image result for so busy gifs
  • Need to catch up on my t.v. show’s 😦 Outlander, Once upon a time, SOA ( i know i am still behind lol ), Vampire diaries and more!Image result for once upon a time gifs


  • Loving the sunny days! Image result for sunny days gifs


  • Beautiful days make me want to read outside which is what i will be doing just after this!Image result for reading outside gifs


  • Hoping to finish one book before starting a new one!Image result for reading more then one book gifs


  • Here is a quote for everyone today!Image result for reading quote gifs

Thanks for reading my blog post! Have a wonderful day.





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