☕ Sunday Post #4 ☕

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Morning, Its a rainy day here where i live. Which means a nice indoor day full of reading unless you have children then its full of loud, complaining and bored children. Right!

Last week:

  • Finished the Wrath and the Dawn! Which was awesome.
  • Cleaned a lot due to a lot of house showings.
  • Birthday shopping/ breakfast with the hubby.
  • Ordered my first Owlcrate.
  • Success of a birthday party.


My brother in-law doing a juggling act of knives and fire for my hubbies birthday.Image result for full week busy gifs

This Week:

  • Try to finish the first book of Pretty Little Liars.
  • Try not to buy any books until the 20th
  • Sign for my taxes
  • Watch more Outlander.
  • Also watch more Iron Fist.Image result for iron fist gifs

Have a happy day today and do not forget to smile!

Image result for smile gifs


4ea6c768037488e1fbcb459b812129e3Image result for dylan obrien bye gifs


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