📚Wrap up|April 2017📚

Welcome, April has been very busy! A Birthday 🎈, Again a vet visit for my cat Stampy 🐱, So many showings of my house ( getting a new landlord or new people to take over and probably take over my house 😪).

This month has not been bad but with being busy it had its limits.

Any who lets begin!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

UntitledcharUntitledcharUntitledcharUntitledcharNearly Perfect!



The Second Summer of the Sisterhood

UntitledcryUntitledcryWasn’t the best, Skip It!



The Wrath & the Dawn

UntitledcharUntitledcharUntitledcharUntitledcharNearly Perfect!



The book i have started but not finished which is half the end of the wrap up and what i will be reading for May!

Pretty Little Liars


Well there yeah go, every book i read in April, happy i stayed with about 4 books.

Expect a To Be Read blog May 1st as i have so many i want to read but might just pick four books again. 

Tell me what your books were that you read this month?





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