Get to Know Me Tag

Welcome,  Seriously all i can think of for when where i say your Welcome is Maui from Moana! I love that movie.Image result for your welcome moana gif

I found this tag on Charlotte Annelise blog, do not forget to check out get awesome blog out. This tag is about answering facts about yourself.

Vital Stats

Name: Donna-Marie
Nicknames: Boogers, Babi, Mommy and a few others
Birthday: December 15th
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Mother


Hair Colour: To many colours at different points of time!
Hair Length: Chest length
Eye Colour: Hazel
Best Feature: Been told my eyes, and other spots.
Braces: No
Piercings: Right now earlobes, but i did have 2 in ear, belly and nose.
Tattoos: Six but will be getting more soon
Right or Left:  Right


Best friend: Hmm i have best friends? i use to not say i had any cause i wanted everyone to be equal, but right now i have Three of them.
Award: Only one i remember is when i graduated high school, certificate for overcoming adversity while completing my diploma.
Sport: Boxing, Hip Hop Dance, Basketball
Real holiday: We don’t have any real holidays just when its summer we like to take small trips to things.
Concert: Fake spice girls concert when i was 6/7 Fake Ginger touched my hand lol


Film: Scorch Trials, Moana, X-men, Divergent, Deadpool, Pixels and MORE!
TV Show: Teen wolf, The vampire diaries, The Fosters, Iron Fist, Outlander, Jane the virgin and MORE!
Colour: Rainbow, multi any colour as long as it don’t look like puke or shit lol
Song: Right now, Shape of you, Lost boy and soo much MORE!
Restaurant: Lonestar, Montanas, Eggsquis
Shop: EB games, Walmart, DavidsTea
Books: The Wrath & The Dawn and could be more once i read more!
Shoes: Running shoes or flip flops


Feeling: Tired, but waiting on a call before i go watch a show or read a book.
Single or Taken: Taken 💏
Eating: Just had a piece of hubbies birthday cake from the weekend, but tonight for dinner will be having Cheeseburger Soup.
Thinking about: Birthday planning, when the call will come in to let me know when to look at a house, how this week will go.
Watching: Nothing at the moment. But will soon watch some Outlander or Iron Fist
Wearing: Black yoga pants, tank top with a throw over sweater.


Want children: Can i say no lol, joking i do as i already have 4 of the crazy loving kids.
Want to be married: Yes, Already am
Careers in mind: Author, librarian, photographer.
Where you want to live: Fine where i am but personally would love to move out of town.

Do You Believe In

God: Not a clue, i went to church when i was little but stopped after a bit due to family issues.
Miracles: Sometimes, depending on what is going on at the time!
Love at first sight: Yes, that is how me and my husband kinda got together.
Ghosts: Might, hard to explain even in my head lol.
Aliens: Who knows, if so i would like one for a best friend, just don’t eat me lol
Soul Mates: Yes, like me and my husband.
Heaven: Yes, my step son is up there.
Hell: Yes we live in it right now!
Kissing on the first date: Usually i would say yes but me and my husband never did.
Yourself: Not really.


Well, here is a lot more about me! so enjoy reading it and if you want to ask any questions feel free to do so!

Thanks,Image result for moana bye gif



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