Ranting!!!! Books, Sleep and Water Oh My!

Welcome, Lovelies

I will put here right now ranting is a good way to let off your steam and personally i can not rant much with kids up lol 5 hours til bedtime starts and i have been wanting to scream, cry and burst out of my zone. ( if your a mom and know what i mean )

First off i wanted to sleep in ( couldn’t but then glad i actually didn’t ), then i have been dying to read my book ALL day and this is the first time i am actually sitting down but cant seem to pick up the book ( that is why i am ranting here right now ) and Lastly which is the most of my feelings is my basement leaking of water as it has been raining for a good 2/ 3 days non stop and this condo is not liking it. i am glad my books are not down there but sadly two of my husbands Pokemon books are damaged on top of i had to remove a lot of stuff from the walls. Dumped about 9 pails of water since 8 am this morning. Hoping it will be okay over night if not that is gonna suck even more.

Any who thanks for listening, reading thinking why on earth is she telling us this!!!!




2 thoughts on “Ranting!!!! Books, Sleep and Water Oh My!”

  1. Wow that’s rough. Basement flooding is not fun especially because usually you have important things in the basement that may have been to bulky to keep upstairs so it’s a hassle to move everything. I’m sorry to here about your hubby’s Pokémon books. What book were you trying to read? And did you get the basement back under control or is it still raining ?


    1. Yes it was rough, was down almost every hour cleaning up water with only blankets, towels and a mop and pail. Yes technically we have it as a storage and a playroom for my kids. I bought him some new ones not the ones that got damaged but hoping one day i will get them replaced thank you, I was trying to finish the Pretty little liars book was about half way done and so badly wanted to finish it lol. Basement is better no water but sadly have a lot to clean up and rearrange. Thanks again for commenting.


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