☕ Sunday Post #7 ☕

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Its a Long weekend, very long actually MAY 24 Weekend…… That means if i was not a parent i would be going to party’s if i was cool lol, That just means my kids are home for 4 day’s instead of 2 which is awesome to a point ha!!!

Last week:

  • Finished and reviewed the fear street book: A New Fear
  • Been struggling to start the second book of the pretty little liars, might be due to a lot on my plate.
  • Birthday dinner was a great success even with my 4 year old always being under the table and my 7 year old bouncing on the seat, but my 9 and 11 year old were good.
  • Movie night was Awesome!!!!! went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

This Week:

  • Hoping to go shopping for some Crates for my DIY project of bookshelves.
  • My mom, my sister and I will be going to get some mother daughter photo’s done ( will show previews when i get them )
  • The last testing for my daughters orange belt is this week.
  • Buying my supplements that will help me with repairing my belly and help my anxiety issue’s i have!!!!
  • Gonna push myself to at least get more into the pretty little liars book.
  • Also excited to finally receive my OwlCrate Monday or Tuesday!!! ( Blog post will be up for that one )

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Hope you all have a very good day!




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