☕ Sunday Post #7 ☕

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Morning, Bookworms!

That is so me up above, except i only own one kitty but it would be close enough for my kids to be like that while i read or nagging me to do something when all i wanna do is READ!!!!

Last week:

  • Decluttering sorta never happened only did one cupboard lol.
  • My daughter passed her testing for Karate she will be an Orange belt by the end of this month YAY!
  • I have started the 3rd book of pretty little lairs ( why is there so many books? i only own four and feel daunted of reading all of them )
  • Lunch date a fail! But had a BBQ dinner with a friend and her kids.

This Week:

  • Declutter and actually attempt to get stuff out of my house and to a second hand store.
  • Eye Doctors hoping for new glasses ( things hurt my face lol )
  • Finish the third book of pretty little liars and then start the fourth book.
  • Buddy read Eliza and her Monsters with an instagram friend.
  • Shopping!!!!!

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Have a wonderful day!!!!!





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