🎮 Gaming Tag!!! 🎮

Welcome Bookworms,

Today was my 10 year anniversary with my husband ( being together for a full 10 years WHAT!! i know weird right ). I am so very happy i got to choose him to be in my life as a husband and a father to my children. 

Below is a Gaming Tag i did up just for my and my husband.

If you would like to take the questions and answer them yourself feel free to do so but make sure to thank me in your blog!

Here we go!

Question ∼1∼

If you could play only one video game for the rest of your life which one would it be?

Hubby: PokemonImage result for Pokemon

Best Wife Ever: Sims 4Related image

Question ∼2∼

Which video game character would you choose for a Best Friend? 

Hubby: LinkImage result for link

Best Wife Ever: Shaundi – Saints Row Related image

Question ∼3∼

What video game character’s outfit would you choose to wear?

Hubby: Ezio from Assassin’s CreedImage result for Ezio from Assassin's Creed

Best Wife Ever: Yuna – Final Fantasy XImage result for Final fantasy 10

Question ∼4∼

If you could make a video game into a book which one would be the best?

Hubby: Saint’s RowImage result for Saints Row

Best Wife Ever: Thief Image result for thief game

Question ∼5∼

If you were being chased by Zombies which weapon from a video game would you choose? ( state the weapon and video game )

Hubby: Buster Sword – Final Fantasy VIIRelated image

Best Wife Ever: Stinger – Modern Warfare 2STINGER

Question ∼6∼

If you would pick a video game character to be part of your family which one would it be?

Hubby: Red from original Pokemon characterImage result for Red from original Pokemon character

Best Wife Ever: BrockImage result for Brock pokemon

Question ∼7∼

What video games are you excited about for 2017?

Hubby: Pokemon re release gold and silveImage result for Pokemon re release gold and silver

Best Wife Ever: Parenthood – Sims 4Image result for parenthood sims 4

Question ∼8∼

What is your favorite gaming item to have when playing?

Hubby: Pen and paper, Zelda StylusImage result for Pen and paperImage result for Zelda Stylus

Best Wife Ever: I don’t usually use items except for my mouse.

Question ∼9∼

What is a good Snack while gaming?

Hubby: Chips or Crackers

Best Wife Ever: Ice cream

Question ∼10∼

If you could choose a character that matches your spouse which one would it be?

Hubby: Tifa lockhart

Image result for tifa lockhart

Best Wife Ever: Sora – Kingdom HeartsImage result for kingdom hearts

Thanks for checking out my blog!




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