Liebster Blogger Award!

Hey, Bookworms!liebster award.png

I found this tag though Jessica @ JessicaMarie493, should definitely go check her out!!2ce12-1477679843732

The Rules:

  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs.
  4. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
  5. Give them 11 questions to answer.


Questions From Jessica


Disneyland or Disney World or Harry Potter World?

I have not been to any of these 😭 i know sad right. I would have to choose Disneyland though!


What do you do to keep yourself motivated to keep blogging?

Read! but most of all i would have to say everyone that likes and comments helps a lot.


Christmas or Halloween?

Christmas for sure!!!! Family time, new books, colouring time & Playing in Snow.


How many bookshelves do you have?

Ha! um NONE. I just have a closet shelve, night stand & my dresser.


Describe your sibling situation. Is it simple or do you have a Brady Bunch thing happening?

Well, my side is some what simple 1 half sister & 2 half mothers! BUT my husbands side that is a different story he has 2 full sisters and 2 full brothers & 4 half brothers. 


Favorite Disney Movie?

Beauty & The Beast also Moana.


Have you gotten into the new Bullet Journal fad? Can we see a picture of yours?

Hmm! never knew there was a new one, only bullet journal i do is through my reviews.


Favorite bookish quote?

Have to share the picture cause its pretty.

Image result for bookish quotes


Favorite BookTuber?

Ohhh! so many, JadeyraereadsBookablesreadbyzoeSarahPaperWordsabookutopiaA Clockwork Reader


Favorite YouTuber?



Did you have a good day today?

Lol loved your little Instagram video explaining this question!!! I had a busy day of cleaning and house showing ( my landlord is selling our place and we have been showing our home off to strangers for the past 2 years )

I Tag: YOU!!!!

Here are your 11 questions, if you take part in this Award!

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. Online shopping or In store shopping?
  3. What’s your Pet Peeve?
  4. Pokemon or Digimon?
  5. Summer or Winter?
  6. Favorite T.v. Shows?
  7. If you could go on a vacation where would you go?
  8. Book boyfriend who would you like to marry? ( name 1 )
  9. City living or Country?
  10. Hardcovers or Paperbacks?
  11. If you would have a waiter or a chef which would you choose?


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3 thoughts on “Liebster Blogger Award!”

  1. I still need to watch Moana! I’m horrible!
    I wish we got snow here around Christmas time. That would be so much fun. I don’t even remember the last time it snowed though. Lol.
    We should all just go to Disneyland together soon! 🙂
    Great answers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We own the movie plus now its on Netflix! so anytime of day my 3 younger kids are usually watching it.
      Oh i love the snow some of the time!!! more fun when you can throw kids in a snow bank lol.
      We should yes lets me a travel plan lol
      Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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