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2017 Reading Challenge – Mid Year Check Up

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Hey, Bookworms!

Were gonna be checking up on my progress with my reading!! WAIT, WHAT! Did i just write that down, I sure did my Bookish friends. Which means you get a glimpse at my non awesome progress that keeps going up each time i get near the end or stays the same for awhile, who knows the life of a mother huh.

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I  read 19 of 40 books

So, i started at only 5 books in the beginning of the year. I have now been going up after getting to 10 books, 20 times once i get close to the actual number. I am actually very happy i got to 19 books so far and have 2 i am reading now which will make it to 21 WHA!!! yeah i know i am surprised as well. 

This is my first year actually reading A LOT more books, i usually used to be TOO BUSY right ha! at least i thought i was until now. Now i have no idea what i was really busy with, Low – self esteem, Trying to be the perfect mother ( HA there is no such thing ), Anxiety issues which i still have but reading and my supplements are helping. So now i have all the time in the world you think i could read more but you know life of a mother!

I am hoping i will be hitting about 70 – 80 books by the end of the year! 


There, you see the small list of stories i have read minding i know some are kids ones but i loved reading them to my kids. I really need to get more Fantasy and YA in this list which should be soon. Also Spectre by Gerrit van Eck is one i technically had to read as i did not want to let my brother in law down since he is the Author of the book! ( If you have or are ordering it should let me know what you think )


Here is a glimpse at my ratings!


💝💝💝💝💝   … 13 books

💝💝💝💝  …  6 books

💝💝💝  …  5 books

 💝💝 …  3 books

💝   0 books

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How are you guys doing with your reading or your reading challenge?



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