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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Book Blogging!

Welcome, Bookworms!


The Broke and the Bookish are taking a break until August so that means i will be choosing old themes i have not done before. Check out The Broke and the Bookish as there are new themes each week.

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It’s an Awesome Hobby

I mean you get to relax & read, take awesome photo’s of book, and the biggest thing RELAX wait i already said that but meh it is great.Image result for reading and relaxing gif

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I can actually write about books and some non bookish things and people actually like what i write.Image result for writing gif

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Making Friends

Seriously, making friends is a good one the blogging community has been very good to me since i have started and i don’t have any friends that love’s books like me!Image result for making friends gif

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Yes i said it three times, minding i can say it more then that. Owning, buying, free any book really i just love books.Image result for books gif

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Reading books and feel like i’m in a new world which is good when you have anxiety.Image result for reading gif

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Blogging is FREE!

It is a free hobby and even with books it is cheaper then the other hobbies i have tried out.Image result for free stuff gif


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Creating a website or pictures for your website

I love creating things, online or with supplies some may not turn out good but practice makes perfect.Image result for computer gif

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Motivation to Read More

I did not mind reading before but now i love love love it, always have to buy or read a new book no matter where i am.Image result for motivation to read gif

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Found books i never heard of

Before i started blogging about books, i did not know about A LOT of them, very happy i now know more then i did cause my life has gotten a lot better!Image result for books never heard of gif

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I have started writing a book

I always wanted to write a book but never new about what, now with all this reading some ideas have come to mind but not like the ones i have read so far.Image result for writing your own bookgif

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Image result for Summer bye gifs

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