Readathon Announcement and Challenges

Anyone wanna join in!!! sounds really fun right!!!!

A Court Of Books And Love

Hi Bookies! I know this isn’t the normal kind of post that you see from me but guess what! I have some awesome news!

Jessica from JessicaMarie493, Chelsea from AVeryBookishGirl and I have all teamed up together to bring you guys a readathon!

Now! First thing first. The name. We decided on the name Read-a-thin. It started out as a joke but it just stuck with us so we went with it!

As you can probably guess by the name (or not), this readathonis going to be focused on “thinning out” your TBR.

Let’s lay down some ground rules. This is a laid back readathonand none of these are necessary but they are guidelines and things to help youchoose what to read. The goal here is to read books on your TBR shelves. That’s really it.

Here are the “rules”:

  1. You will have the entire month to read these…

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