Top Ten Tuesday: books I really want to read but don’t yet own

Welcome, Bookworms!


The Broke and the Bookish are taking a break until August so that means i will be choosing old themes i have not done before. Check out The Broke and the Bookish as there are new themes each week.

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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: books I really want to read but don’t yet own

      1. That is a question i can not answer haha no i can, simply told them i will come back as i do not live to far only issue is my anxiety has not let me go back due to friends being busy and i do not want to book shop with children lol

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  1. You must get your hands on The Raven Boys. I love that series so much and the characters are some of the most memorable that I have read about. I’m actually just about to start Simon vs. I hear nothing but amazing things. Hope you get a chance to own and read these soon!

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  2. haunted and the flame in the mist i really want to read, throne of glass maybe you can marathon the series until september for chaos’s novel the sixth book in the series or you can take your time until 2018 for the last book, as for ACOTAR you can just binge read it since it already finished anyway you can finally be in the fandom!

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