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YouTube Say Woah!!!

Hey Bookworms!

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So i have officially started a YouTube channel well more of a BookTube channel. I have been wanting to get more into book videos and have been very shy. Until i thought of a great idea……….

You will see that when you watch the video’s well more less the picture on the video’s will tell you.

I made a deal with Amanda @ ACourtOfBooksAndLove if i uploaded a video she would do the same, here is Her’s ⇓⇓⇓⇓

So i am hoping to get one – two videos out a week. Once school starts i will only be able to record on the weekends.

First video is: The Newbie Tag

Second Video is: August TBR

Enjoy the video’s and keep an eye out for more blog posts on more of my up coming videos.

What Video’s Would You Like To See???





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