The Right Stuff – Review




  • 224 pages                                                                                                      08.1.17 – 08.7.17
  • April 1st 2009                                                                                                                      3.0 🌟

Subject: Dr. Daniel Corben, Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps
Current status: Distracted by sexy, willing female!
Mission: Babysit visiting VIP to secure promotion
Obstacle: Taylor Milton. Gorgeous. Captivating. His ex!

When it’s revealed to Daniel that Taylor Milton, whom he nearly proposed to after graduation, is his high-level visitor, he knows he’s in trouble. Taylor’s a flamboyant risk taker, where he’s a cautious realist–it was the reason for their breakup!

Now, reunited, something else hasn’t changed…their combustible sexual chemistry. In fact, it seems more intense, especially since Taylor is keen to play doctor. Tasked as her official escort, Daniel spends several wild nights keeping an intimate watch on her–until the powerful executive tries to pull rank on him in the bedroom!


Not many i liked in this book!


  • Loved the mention of Star Wars
  • Loved some of the sexual scenes
  • The book felt slow at times
  • Wasn’t much of a fan of the love that was in it
  • Had some smiles while reading it
  • Not much to say about this book was not one of my favorites






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