Hello, Bookworms!

Welcome to Bookish Thoughts a time of the week we will chat about bookish and non bookish things I have on my mind. I found this post on Bookishly  Boisterous.

Today’s bookish thoughts are brought to you by……… the writer’s mind of Mrs. Momsbookcollection, yes this is something new. I am needing to write more and needs it to come from the heart!divider

Mrs. Momsbookcollection has made more progress in Before She Ignites, how may you ask. Well my bookish friends she has been home with a sick little boy which meant laziness on the couch with him and her book.

She also worked on her journal, has yet to write in it except for her prompts. She however made it look pretty inside that counts for something right?

NaNoWriMo yes, you read that right! She has conquered her fears and have signed up for it. She however feels like everything is scattered everywhere and nothing is done and no words are written ( actually there is over 400 maybe 500 words written ) 

Read – A – Thin November has been going good, her first sprinting sucked as she forgot about it, and her second sprinting ( yesterday ) was alright. Are you doing ReadAThin?


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