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Bookstagrammers to Follow!

Hey, Bookworms!

Welcome back to the soooo late bookstagrammers to follow! i did not post last weekend, became a bit busy and tired and did not blog at all!

Are we all ready to check out some of the most wonderful bookstagrammers i have found and followed.

Number One: d e s t i n y

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It's the beginning of another week, and it looks like a busy one is ahead of me! Today is full of running errands, and then later this week, I have to go hit the library archives to research some old journals for an assignment that's coming up soon. Having a sick kiddo and a fiance recovering from having all four wisdom teeth pulled didn't lend to getting much done over the weekend, either, so I've got some cleaning to do and blogging to catch up on… I'm tired just typing this. 😴 ••• QOTD: What's the busiest day of the week for you, usually? ••• {#fivefavoriteworlds} Prythian, Hogwarts, Cabeswater, Red London, Middle Earth {#fivefavoritefoods} 🍕🍇🍫🍓🌯 (Thanks for the tags, @blackfeatherbooks!) ••• {#readgushsept17} tag time {#wishonseptember} hilarious characters (there's a scene in Just Listen with Owen and his sister that will never not make me laugh!) {#beastlybooksseptember17} white and blue books {#helloautumnseptember17} first in a series

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Number Two: Sona

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November 6th . . 🌹Happy Monday my Bookish beauties!!! For #bookishwackyholidays it is a Pirate’s Day!! Whohooooo! Love love love Pirates. Wild soul, unlimited adventures, gold gold gold🌞 Imagine going on an adventure with a wild Pirate, who maroons you into the sea without the compass😜💀💀💀 Still an adventure right?!?!?🤩 . QOTD- Who would be your perfect pirate? . . 💥 . I was tagged by my beauty Dora @d_ireadromance to do #spellthemonthinbooks 🌷 . N-New Moon . O- On the Fence . V- V for Vendetta . E- Ember in the Ashes . M- Mistborn . B- Brisingr . E- Eldest . R- Ruin and Rising .. .. .. My fierce bookmark is from amazing @bibliophileprints shop!! She has so many awesome sets!!!! If you guys love Stranger Things, Riverdale, you should check her out. Also she has the most adorable Harry Potter bookmarks😭 Rep code ( Sonik10)

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Number Three: Megan

Number Four: Natalie

Number Five: Maria

Thank you for joining me looking at these beautiful, greatness that has come upon us all BOOKSTAGRAMMERS!!!!!

If you have a bookstagram  or follow any you want to recommend, comment them down below for me to check out!





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