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Blogmas Day One|Welcome Back Felix!

Welcome, Bookworms!

I was so happy to have December come upon us, i woke up and all hell broke loose. I one woke up before 7 to my second youngest doing god knows what on my husband’s computer ( nothing horrible once i was out of bed ha ), realized i had a parent teacher meeting today, I forgot to get Felix out last night ( do not shame a mommy brain its not nice ), still feeling off from my cold or could just be a women thing!!! ( yeah i just went there ) and to make it all worse my youngest wouldn’t get ready for school!!! GAH!

Finally once i got ready and took my son to the car with his other siblings and got to school my day started to be better, my youngest once carried to class was happy and better, teacher told me the meeting was cancelled and will be rescheduled and everything would be back to normal.

So i have decided to do Blogmas, technically i was just going to do the 24 days of Felix our elf on the shelf but i like the sounds of Blogmas cause i can add more to it then that!! 

We will start off this Blogmas with our very own elf on the shelf. Please welcome to our family again ( new to you guys )


24255028_10155092560312267_1311569685977452437_o.jpgYaY!!!! WOOT WOOT…. 

Hello, fellow people my name is Felix Tinkertoes. I am one of Santa’s helpers and have been visiting this house for a few years now. 

My first day back i have been so excited to see how the children will react and how nice they will be.

Sadly i have already been touched by the youngest which means i can not leave this spot and go tell Santa how naughty or nice they have been.

But i am sure there mommy can write a nice note for me to take to Santa to help me with what i have missed since i wont be able to move.

I am so happy to be joining this family again this year and to be joining all of you guys here on Momsbookcollections Blogmas.

Bye Bye 🎄❄️

Ha!! did you guys like him…. he is so cute.

Enjoy some updates on my Christmas and Felix, here are some things i am thinking on doing:

  • Book update ( not as often in Blogmas post )
  • Christmas Tags
  • Holiday Traditions 
  • Christmas family updates ( dinners and other Christmas things )
  • Etc.

Are you doing Blogmas? If so what are you planning on doing?




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