Emoji Book Tag

Welcome, bookworms!

I have not done a Tag in a long time on this blog, i seemed to fall out of it. Even though i love them and they are very easy to do. I was tagged by Rachael @  beachbookworm to do the Emoji Book Tag. Easy each Emoji is based on book questions you need to answer. 

Here we go!!!

😍 Favorite YA Romance: Summer Of Yesterday by Gaby Triana
🥈 Favorite Sequel: The Secret Circle The Captive Part II by L.J Smith
😢 Book that made you cry: Forever Christmas by Robert Tate Miller
😃 Book that made you laugh: The Right Stuff by Lori Wilde
😱 Book that made you scared: Broken Hearts by R.L Stine
😞 Book that made you disappointed: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
🤔 Book that had a major plot twist: New World Rising by Jennifer Wilson

Very sort type of tag, only had an issue finding ones for the laughing and scared one. 

I tag anyone that wants to do this tag!! 




3 thoughts on “Emoji Book Tag”

  1. Great answers! I have the Pretty Little Liars series on my TBR for this year. I loved the TV show and bought the entire series on book outlet. I hope I’m not too disappointed because there is about 18 books so it’s a lot to be invested in, if it ends up being disappointing. Did you read the entire series?

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    1. Thank you, I loved the show as well! But i think what did it for me was that i watched the show before reading the book. That always happens to me. I have no i only own the first 4 books. I was even off from The Vampire Diaries book ( only read the first one ) but again i watched the show first.

      Hoping you have a better experience then i did. Still might get the rest to read and say i fully read it though.

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