Six reasons you love blogging | #SixforSunday

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#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every week there is a bookish-themed prompt to inspire 6 choices.

I am currently very new to this, but i fell in love with it when i found it this morning. This month is Share The Love and today’s books i will be sharing my love for blogging.

top ten movies to watch on halloween night

  • Starting off with a very personal one, Gives Me Purpose. I was/am a stay at home mom (all my kids are in school now) but due to my mental health i am not able to work nor rarely leave my house. So while blogging is mostly a hobby for others, i myself make it feel like a job to have something to do with my time.
  • Making New Friends. I struggle in person to make friends, so online i thought would be best even though i still struggle on making new friends online. However i have found many people to chat with.
  • Finding New Books. Seriously my TBR shelf on Goodreads has grown so much not just from booktube or bookstagram but from every bookish blog i have found and see. Thank you for your recommendations. 
  • My Own Space. I get my creativity out with my writing, photographs and style. I always loved to be creative and never new where to best put it. Now i have a space of my own to call home to!
  • Writing Book Reviews. In more of a deeper way then i can on Goodreads (i struggle with Goodreads) I can add any Gif, picture, writing style and so much more thoughts on my blog!
  • Sharing My Love Of Books. Every post has to do with my love of books, even the ones i recommend that i have not read yet or want to read. 

What are the reasons you love blogging? 

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6 thoughts on “Six reasons you love blogging | #SixforSunday

  1. My love for blogging has sprouted from finding my own space where I fit in. Being a part of this community has made me feel so at home while nowhere else has. It’s helped me learn so much about myself and begin to love myself more. And of course I’ve met some amazing people along the way ❤️

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