Tips to get out of a Reading Slump|👻Blogtober🕸️

Lauren Reads YA — A Reading Slump in GIFs

Ghoul morning bloggerfriends!!! Today is a somewhat cleaning day for me as i have been up since 4 am watching TikToks and well figured i would try some of the tiktok cleaning out that i seen on there, but anywho you are not here for that are you? nope today is all about the dreaded Reading Slumps and some tips to help you when you come near or into one. Exclaimer i am no good at keeping up with my own tips that i have found but one thing i will say is…. IT IS OKAY NOT TO BE READING DURING SOME PARTS OF YOUR LIFE A.K.A RIGHT NOW WITH HOW THE WORLD IS. It is okay to take that break if needed.

Now onto my Tips that will most likely be or have been mentioned by many others.

  • BOOKTUBE – I literally recommend watching other people read, buy or just frankly talk about books. (kinda works if you watch a cleaning video or organization video and automatically want to clean or organize)
  • BOOKISH FRIENDS – If you have any friends that love to read, talk to them and let them know what is going on they will either tell you “hey it is okay you might need this break” or ” Girl you need to get your butt in gear and read that damn book” either or a friend is always a good choice.
  • REORGANIZE YOUR BOOKS – Just touching a book might do the trick so why not redo those shelves of yours and maybe read the synopsis again and see what catches your eyes?
  • HOBBIES – I totally encourage you to do something else in the time being… if you like to knit, crochet, video games anything do it, you will have this time not worring about what you did not finish but relax with a new or existing hobby of yours.
  • GO FOR A WALK – We all need to get that fitness in and personally the fresh air as well and if you are not reading at this time why not take this time to walk enjoy the outdoors.
  • SLEEP – okay i love my sleep so i had to put this here, how many of us have lost sleep to finish a book? well you wont be finishing one right now so it is a good time to get all that much needed sleep in.

Again i want to point out that it is totally okay not to get any reading done and please do not put yourself down when a slump comes…. i have done that a few times and it is not healthy at all.

Do you have any Reading Slump Tips to add let me know in the comments?

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