Happy Birthday To ME!!! πŸŽ‚!!30!!🎈

Hey BookBlogger Friends!!! Today is my birthday…. I am turning 03, i mean uhhh okay 30. I have some plans for today but i will admit apart of me is upset that the BIG 30 will be a BIG NO NO with how life is right now. I mean i understand its just one of those big mile stones in life that would have be so awesome to enjoy.

However i am going to enjoy as much as possible… Ideas i have are, shopping a.k.a ordering a book for myself. spending time with my hubby outside the house (shopping and getting lunch) then will be attending We Be Book’N facebook book club zoom call to get some reading done and meet others from the group then ooo i plan to make Princess Pancakes…. pink pancakes for dinner yes please. and lastly ending it with movie night with my kids.

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