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March TBR | 2022

Hey Besties! i know i am a bit late on getting my March TBR out to you all, still trying to get back into a good or normal schedule again and with the weekend i feel they should not be for blogging or much energy related things (unless i need the sunshine for my bookstagram that is) i want it to be relaxing.

With that being said this month i do not plan to overdo my TBR after only reading 3 books last month. This month is more of a mood read/what are the prompts for WBB’N.

🪐Mystery – Stalking Jack The Ripper

-Does not have to be the main genre but needs to be listed in GRs for it to count.

🪐Tree on the cover – Beautiful Creatures

-Must be a tree. Bushes, flowers and other types of plants will not count.

🪐Multiple POVs – Empire of Storms

-Needs to have TWO or more POVs in the book.

What are you reading this month? Have you read any of the ones i am going to read?

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