Among The Monsters | Owlcrate Unboxing

💜 The very first installment in our OwlCrate Classics Collection – Frankenstein by Mary Shelley! Artist @rena.illustration

💜 An enamel keychain inspired by This Savage Song designed by @azura.arts.

💜 A set of metal bookends inspired by The Bear and the Nightingale, designed by @no0nedesigns.

💜 Officially licenced Lakesedge cable keepers featuring artwork from the author herself, @lkclipstone!

💜 A digital chapter sampler of Forestfall (the upcoming sequel to Lakesedge). The card also features even more art from @lkclipstone.

💜A Howl’s Moving Castle inspired art print illustrated by @_saintdri.

💜 This month’s Literary Luggage enamel pin was inspired by Cabeswater from The Raven Boys and was designed by @heyatlascreative.

💜 February book was Only A Monster by @vanessa.len_writes. Signed edition features an exclusive cover, reversible dust jacket artwork by @gracezhuart, an exclusive foil stamp on the hardcover case beneath the jacket, and sprayed edges! Also signed by the author and includes an author letter.

What Item Do You Like From This Box?

3 responses to “Among The Monsters | Owlcrate Unboxing”

    1. They are nice and very sturdy

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      1. I always worry about quality on things like that, so it’s great to hear that they’re sturdy.

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