Readathin August Announcement

Hey Besties! Were BACK!!!! and we are so freaking excited to bring August’s Readathin Announcement. Make sure to add #readathinaug22 when making your blog posts, instagram, booktube or anything else.

What is Readathin

Well good question, Readathin is a readathon that Amanda from MANDA THE BIBLIO started a few years ago actually back in 2017 and now for the past few years she thoughtfully has added myself to help run it.

Readathin is a month long readathon that is held in February, May, August, and November every year.

The goal for Readathin is to “thin” out your TBRs.

While you can read any books you have on your TBR, the main purpose of the readathon is to read books from your physical TBR (or eTBR since we all know those can get out of hand as well).

Buddy Read📖

Readathin Buddy Read: Twitter

Manda’s Enchanted Woods: Twitch


Reading Prompts📚

Brightly Coloured Cover – Find a cover that has bright colours or a bright colour on it.

Random Number Generate A Book – Find out how many books are on your TBR and generate the number for the book you will read.

Read a Book That Was Published in June, July, or August of Any Year – Find a book that is published in June, July or August the year does not matter.

Read a Queer Book – Read a book with queer rep in it.

Reminds You of Your Fave Song – Pick your favorite song and find a book that you think would match the tune, lyrics or anything.

Read Your Favorite Genre/Trope – What is your favorite Genre or Trope? read a book from your list.

Friend Rec – Ask a friend for a book recommendation.

Written by an Author of Colour – Book with an author of colour!

Read a Summer-y Book – Read a book with a summer-y cover, plot or just anything you think could be summer-y to you.

Buddy Read – Our buddy read this month is Girls of Paper and Fire.

Read a Book Toward a Yearly Goal – Do you have a certain book you need to finish this year or a goal you need to use a book for.. read it.

Read a Book You Started But Never Finished – Did you not finish this book yet…. well now is the time for you to finish it.

Self Care Prompts🛀🏻

Self Care Day – Make a day of relaxing things for you. Bath, t.v. time, reading time, anything you feel would be self care do it.

Make A Couple Goals – Make some goals for the month to get ahead of things in life.

30 min screen break – Easy this would be a perfect time for some reading or cleaning.

Read for at least 20 mins outside or with the window open (if possible) – Read outside or by a window.

Start a new habit – Do you have a habit you want to start? Journaling, working out, cooking at home everyday or drink more water?

Participate in a reading sprint – Reading sprints over on Twitter or Discord.

Reorganize shelf (online or physical) – This is the time to get those shelves organized.

Organize something – Do you have a random spot in your home you need to organize? do it.

Start a new “possible” hobby – Is there a hobby you have had your eye on but just have not started it. Now is the time.

Set a reading goal – Set a reading goal for the month, how many books or pages would you like to read? or how many prompts you want to do?

Find a new YouTube/Podcast – Do you want youtube or listen to podcasts, time to find a new person to watch… if you do not, how about watching a t.v. show or finidng a new book to read.

Start a journal – Do you like to journal? time to start? it can be a random how was your day, reading journal, junk journal, anything you set your mind on.

Social Media Links💬

Readathin Twitter Readathin Discord 


Instagram | Twitter | Blog | Twitch


Instagram | Twitter | Blog | Youtube

Are you planning to join us this month? If so comment down below⮯

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