Readathin February Announcement

Were BACK!!!! and we are so freaking excited to bring you February’s Readathin Announcement. Make sure to add #readathin when making your blog posts, instagram, booktube or anything else.

What is Readathin❓

Well good question, Readathin is a readathon that Amanda from MANDA THE BIBLIO started a few years ago actually back in 2017 and now for the past few years they thoughtfully has added myself to help run it.

Readathin is a month long readathon that is held in February, May, August, and November every year.

The goal for Readathin is to “thin” out your TBRs.

While you can read any books you have on your TBR, the main purpose of the readathon is to read books from your physical TBR (or eTBR since we all know those can get out of hand as well).


Reading Prompts📚

LGBTQIA+ // Read a book with a main character that identifies as LGBTQIA+

FROM A SUB BOX OR RECENTLY BOUGHT // Read a book that you either got in a book subscription box or that you recently bought

NEW TO YOU AUTHOR // Read a book from an author you’ve never read from before

BOOK YOU MEANT TO READ IN 2022 // Read a book you meant to read in 2022, but didn’t get to

FAVORITE GENRE // Read a book in your favorite genre

GRAPHIC NOVEL // Read a graphic novel (this includes graphic novels, manga, comics, webcomics, etc)

TITLE BEGINS WITH F // Read a book that starts with the letter “F” (not counting A, The, etc)

RANDOM WORD // Randomly generate a word and find a book that has that in the title. Here’s a random word generator

FEATURES A ROMANCE // Read a book that has a romance (it doesn’t have to be the main focus of the story, but has to be a kind of big part of the story)

2017 RELEASE // Read a book that came out in the year of 2017

UNDER 300 PAGES // Read a book that has less than 300 pages (in any edition)

MOOD READ // Read a book that you’re really in the mood to read

Self Care Prompts🛀

SELF CARE DAY // Spend a day caring for you.. anything you think is self care counts.

LISTEN TO YOUR FAVE MUSIC // Well this is an easy one, i am sure there is some type of music you love to listen to.

MAKE A SNACK // Okay we may have been hungry while writing these prompts but make yourself a snack “whispers” or you can buy one.

WRITE A BOOK REVIEW // Do you need to write what you thought about a book? you can write a review anywhere online, on a phone or in a book.

PARTICIPATE IN 4 READING SPRINTS // We love sprinting with you all so why not add it into the prompts. There will be twitter sprints, discord sprints and LIVE youtube sprints.

READ FOR 30 MINS A DAY // This is obvious we love to read that is why we are here and what better way then to read every day for 30 mins and use our reading log.

WATCH SOMETHING // Another easy one, watch a show, movie or even a youtube video.

SET A GOAL AND COMPLETE IT // We all have some type of goal right? why not set one and complete it in the same month.

30 MIN SCREEN BREAK // Okay this can be paired with reading a physical book for 30 mins.

START SOMETHING NEW // Do you have your eye on a new hobby or a habit? try something new.

ORGANIZE SOMETHING // Is there anything you have to organize? get it done.

SHARE YOUR TBR // Make sure to share your TBR. It can be written, photos, video anything just make sure you use the hashtag #Readathin

Instagram Challenge 📱

Social Media Links💬

Readathin Twitter Readathin Discord  | Readathin Templates

🌈Amanda’s Card

🌻Donna’s Linktree

Are you planning to join us this month? If so comment down below⮯

7 thoughts on “Readathin February Announcement

  1. I love this! Never participated before but one of my goals for this year is to read all the books that have been on my TBR for A WHILE! so this works out great for me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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