Small Note!!!

Hey, Bookworms! just want to let you know i have been trying to get my Book Photography post up but have been having issues with uploading pictures to it... Finding out my internet is messing up and a person wont be here until Thursday to fix it,... if i do not upload much it is … Continue reading Small Note!!!


Bookstagrammers to Follow!

Hey, Bookworms! Another Saturday is here again and i am proud to say i have found some awesome, YES AWESOME Bookstagrammers again! YAY, i love this it shows you who i love to follow and how great the book community can create beautiful and lovely photos. Let’s get this started!!! Number One: Bre   … Continue reading Bookstagrammers to Follow!

The Fifty Bookish Questions Book Tag

Hey Bookworms! I have decided to answer the three questions that One's Peculiar sent me on top of answering this tag for my 200 followers Q & A. One's Peculiar Questions an author you would like to write with? Oh i have so many there is Francesca Zappia, Jennifer Wilson and Sasha Alsberg also Lindsay Cummings. Okay i could not just pick … Continue reading The Fifty Bookish Questions Book Tag