Bookish Pumpkin Carving Ideas | 👻Blogtober🕸️

Ghoul Morning Bloggerfriends!!! It is a dark and rainy day today, which means i should get some reading done.... I hope as i hardly picked up a book this weekend with my kids home and thanksgiving and i am proud for not doing so as i spent more time with them and well come cleaning … Continue reading Bookish Pumpkin Carving Ideas | 👻Blogtober🕸️

Autumn Aesthetic |👻Blogtober🕸️

Ghoul Morning Bloggerfriends!!! First off i would like to wish all my Canadians a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, I can not wait to have some turkey dinner tonight. Plans for me on this thankful day is to spend it with my family jam, going to be playing board games, going for a walk, dinner and then later … Continue reading Autumn Aesthetic |👻Blogtober🕸️

Why Autumn is the BEST time for readers |👻Blogtober🕸️

Ghoul Morning Bloggerfriends!!! (i almost wrote boogerfriends, Whoops) I hope all is well with you and your day/weekend is amazing. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for my family and i am hoping it will be a nice relaxing day (said no mom ever!) mostly will hang out with my family and play some board games and watch … Continue reading Why Autumn is the BEST time for readers |👻Blogtober🕸️

Tips to get out of a Reading Slump|👻Blogtober🕸️

Ghoul morning bloggerfriends!!! Today is a somewhat cleaning day for me as i have been up since 4 am watching TikToks and well figured i would try some of the tiktok cleaning out that i seen on there, but anywho you are not here for that are you? nope today is all about the dreaded … Continue reading Tips to get out of a Reading Slump|👻Blogtober🕸️

Autumn Self-Care | 👻Blogtober🕸️

Good Day Bloggerfriends!!!! This post should have been up earlier but i felt a bit sick yesterday and never started it and then i started it this am and i just left like i had nothing to say.... It is just one of those days with another long weekend for us having Thanksgiving and all … Continue reading Autumn Self-Care | 👻Blogtober🕸️