Spectre – Interview with Author Gerrit van Eck

Reblogging this baby right here!!! love i got to Interview Gerrit van Eck for his book Spectre.

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In this science fiction novel, a young man trapped in a parallel universe must rely on his inner strength and his new gang family to protect two worlds from destruction.

Today Iโ€™m very lucky to be interviewing Gerrit van Eckauthor of Spectre

Hi Gerrit, thank you for agreeing to this interview. These questions will be mostly about you and your book!
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1. What brought you to write this book?
ย  ย  At the time I wrote this book I was fresh out of high school and looking to make something of myself. I spent most of my free time reading, so I thought I would try my hand at writing my own book. In high school I took a writing class, where the final project was to write a shortโ€ฆ

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