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Resolutions – January TBR

Welcoming the new year with a mindful of happiness and courage! Here are my Top 5 Resolutions for 2019 Be More Thankful I wanna stop thinking everything that happens in my life is doing down hill. Meaning if i happen to be sick for another 6 months again (hoping i am not) then i should… Continue reading Resolutions – January TBR

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Wow, September has been so fast to get though. So much stuff has happened and not enough time to actually get finished a book 😮 But i have gotten out and started a new workout and healthy eating say what! So i guess being you read that, yes i have no books to say i… Continue reading 📚SEPTEMBER WRAP UP|OCTOBER TBR 📚

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August i am sad to see you go...... um actually no i am not i want the cool breeze of September, the warmth of  sweater, kids in school and the yummy feels and tastes of Autumn i have not wanted Autumn so badly in my life until this year.  I will admit though August has… Continue reading 📚AUGUST WRAP UP|SEPTEMBER TBR 📚

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July, July you have been great to me. Treated me better then June thank you for that. I ended up reading at least one book and had three books on the go!  Here is what i read👇   Hexed by Michelle Krys Progress: FINISHED     From Twinkle With Love by Sandhya Menon Progress: 113/330     … Continue reading 📚JULY WRAP UP|AUGUST TBR 📚

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Hey, um a little late but that is okay i am more less popping in and out of my blog. Probably not the best thing to do but i have been in a real slump of it and just trying to get back into it. In all odds though i have been having a hard… Continue reading 📚JUNE WRAP UP|JULY TBR 📚

Wrap ups & TBR's


AHHHHHHH " Screaming at my screen " This month has been very difficult as you seen by the less posts. I have had to clean my house up and down multiple times ( more cleaning than i normally do ) for so many house showings so my landlord can sell this place.  Looking to move,… Continue reading 📚APRIL WRAP UP|MAY TBR 📚

Wrap ups & TBR's


Well this was a fast month wasn't it! feel's like each year is just getting faster and faster.  Minding all i have really been doing since the end of December is be sick or anxiety has come upon me! BUT in all March was a good month, my daughter turned 10! Her party was a… Continue reading 📚MARCH WRAP UP|APRIL TBR 📚