Top Ten Back To School Freebie

Welcome, Bookworms! Today’s blog theme is books that would be on my classroom shelf if I were a teacher Check out The Broke and the Bookish as there are new themes each week. ∼1∼     ∼2∼ ∼3∼ ∼4∼ ∼5∼ ∼6∼ ∼7∼ ∼8∼ ∼9∼   ∼10∼     CONNECT WITH ME! INSTAGRAM♥GOODREADS♥TWITTER


Hey Bookworms! The original post is made by Lauren’s Page Turners here is her Goodreads Monday  . Here you just simply choose a random book from your TBR pile/list and show it off to everyone who reads this! Make sure you link back to the original post. Back to the Future meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High when Haley’s summer vacation takes a [...]

📷 BOOK’S #13 📷

Hey, Bookworms! Here we are again, another Book Photography post which i love these by the way! One of my favorite things to do, i miss my photography. These photographs are mainly for Instagram purpose! So let’s begin!!! WHICH ONE OR ONES ARE YOUR FAVORITE? See yeah next week! CONNECT WITH ME! INSTAGRAM♥GOODREADS♥TWITTER THANKS,