Emoji Book Tag

Welcome, bookworms! I have not done a Tag in a long time on this blog, i seemed to fall out of it. Even though i love them and they are very easy to do. I was tagged by Rachael @  beachbookworm to do the Emoji Book Tag. Easy each Emoji is based on book questions you need to answer.  Here… Continue reading Emoji Book Tag



Welcome to Bookish Thoughts a time of the week we will chat about bookish and non bookish things i have on my mind. I found this post on Bookishly  Boisterous.So welcome to my thoughts and hope you don’t get to scared!!!!! joking i’m not that scary maybe just a bit insane or even crazy. ( but… Continue reading 📚 BOOKISH THOUGHTS 💭 #21

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Back to School Book Tag

Hey Bookworms! This book tag was created by Bangedy Bangz and you can find his video here. I did the back to school book tag on my booktube so i figured i would do it here too.  https://youtu.be/TTu79374dGM I how ever am not in school but my daughter started 4th grade so i figured we both… Continue reading Back to School Book Tag

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Summer Book Tag

Hey, Bookworms! I was tagged by the lovely Alex @ coffeeloving bookoholic to do the Summer Book Tag. Go check out her's here she is awesome! 1.) what book cover makes you think of summer? When i think of summer, i think of white picket fence, flowers, green grass and nice dresses. Minding i do think… Continue reading Summer Book Tag

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Wonder Woman Book Tag

Hey Bookworms! I was tagged by the lovely Amanda @ ACOURTOFBOOKSANDLOVE This tag was created by  Amber @ Wonder Woman Book Tag video 1. Wonder Woman: Your favorite badass female book character Phoenix    2. Fantasy Island: A book setting you want to escape to   3. London: A hyped book that let you down Ill admit i have… Continue reading Wonder Woman Book Tag

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OMG This Song Book Tag

Hey, Bookworms! I was tagged by the lovely Amanda @ A Court Of Books And Love she is a wonderful, outstanding person and your should go check her blog out!!! ⇑ 1. My Jam A song you MUST listen to every time it comes on, no matter how old or how many times you’ve listened to it A… Continue reading OMG This Song Book Tag