Weekathin TBR

Good Morning Spooky Sunflowers! I am here to share the weekathin prompts (totally forgot to do an announcement here whoops) however i will also be showing what i plan to read for this week... I mean i hope to read that is. Weekathin runs from the 13th to the 20th and if you plan to … Continue reading Weekathin TBR

Weekathin | Week Long Readathon

Good Morning BookBlogger Friends!!!  I wanted a place to explain everything about Weekathin in one place where anyone can be like " What is Weekathin?" Well here we are a post letting you know all about this readathon. Let's Jump Into It! What is Weekathin? Weekathin is a week long readathon taking place in between … Continue reading Weekathin | Week Long Readathon

🍃Readathin Announcement | August 2021

Hello! It is back!!! I mean you knew it was coming right? if not that is okay cause this post is telling you all about what Readathin is and the challenge we have perpared for you all, plus all the socials. Hope you plan to join us. We are super excited to share this month's … Continue reading 🍃Readathin Announcement | August 2021

Weekathin | June 2021

Good Morning Sunflowers! Amanda from A Court Of Books And Love and I decided we wanted to up our game on Readathin, we wanted to get more involved in the months were are not doing Readathin to one keep up the reading, two keep the thinning tbr happening and three to keep you guys excited … Continue reading Weekathin | June 2021


Good Morning BookBlogger Friends!!! New year... Same Awesome READATHON coming at it again. We are extremely excited to start the new year with a fun, outgoing Readathin this round. Keep reading to find out what we are going to be doing! REMEMBER TO DRINK YOUR WATER AND GET SOME READING DONE TODAY! 🌻What is Readathin? Well … Continue reading 📖READATHIN ANNOUNCEMENT☕ | Readathon 2021