Hey everyone!, My name is Donna. I am a mother first, a wife second and a beginner book lover third meh who am i kidding my books most time comes before my husband, kidding i love him a lot but my books are reaching the mark of being loved as well. Reason i call myself a beginner book lover is because i hear a lot of people mention about how they have loved to read since they were little. Well me on the other hand i was a tom boy outside all day every day getting all muddy not caring for things that were precious to me like books!

Now with me being a grown up, well mostly one ha i am still a kid at heart i have been treating things differently and noticing now i have more time to read while my children are at school that i am falling deeply in love with books, plus need a hobby now since i am so lonely.

I am also a beginner in Yoga, Meditation and well just trying to be a more calm and collective person in other words i am a beginner Zen. I recently have noticed my lack of self-care and needed to find ways to help me cope with my on-going anxiety to do that i am Zenning out if that is even a thing. There will be some postings on what i am doing and how my level of coping is during, I will also post healthy meals i make. This is mainly for me but if i can help someone else while battling through then so be it.

Well i am doddling enough on here so i am ending it here now! Lovely to meet all of you and hoping to here from anyone that has a say or just want to chat about random things.


Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.

– Shunryu Suzuki